#TonnerCon: You Can Be a Virtual Attendee!

Hiya, everyone!  The countdown is on.  We’re mere hours away from lift-off for HCon.  The girls (Julie and Jen O.) and I  are leaving for Vermont bright and early tomorrow morning.  Road trip!  We’ve got our costumes, and of course, a Classic Rock playlist for the ride (yeah that right.  Track 1 is ‘Bad to the … Continued


Super-Fan Review of the NEW Donna Troy, by Ms. Courtney Robinson

Many of you know our dear friend Courtney Robinson from our Facebook family.  She’s an integral part of our fan base, always engaging with us and other collectors, and being a constant source of deep comic book knowledge, product suggestions, support and encouragement!  And many of you probably read her amazing review of Raven.  Today, … Continued

Prepare to Rock...Your Socks!

Tonner Prepares to Rock… Their Socks!!

Hiya, everyone!  Today, an amazing package arrived at our offices from our dear friends over at LittleMissMatched.  So, naturally, we ripped it open to unveil a mountain of crazy socks!  I mean, is this the best day ever, or what?!? Actually, the gift of socks for our entire staff is for a great cause:  National … Continued

Money DOES grow on trees when you're part of the Tonner Facebook Family!

Sneak Attack Discount: Coming atcha TWICE per week!

Well, friends, we have been simply racking our brains for a way to honor our Facebook fans, and to share with you all how much we value the community we have built together!  You see, our Facebook community is so special to us, and it really has become a family.  And so, we want to … Continued


The Tonner Costume Corner!

Hiya everyone!  Today, our magical journey takes us to the Tonner Costume Corner!!  Take a walk on the wild side, and get a peek into the Halloween Convention preparations!  A LOT of time goes into deciding what we are going to wear for each event (as you prior attendees know!), and coming up with cool, … Continued

SNEAK PEEK from Wednesday's Release!  Who could this be???

BIG Tonner Announcement! READ ME!

Hello, Collectors!  In celebration of our upcoming release on Wednesday (10.12), we are kicking off the excitement with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!  Read on, fellow doll lovers! Dear Collectors, Many of you have spoken and we have listened.  About two things actually. First, Wednesday, October 12th , will be our next product release.  It will be followed by … Continued

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