My Doll Collections – My Life as a Doll Doctor

      Happenings at the Doll Hospital What an exciting week this has been! First…I must say I have been overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments and questions from my Blog readers.  Learning about what you collect and why has made me even more eager to share…so please continue those comments!!  As you are probably aware…we … Continued

Visit the Tonner Company Store – My Life as a Doll Doctor

        Ready for a little something different this week?? Well I sure hope so. Although I am usually elbow deep in the Doll Hospital aspect of what we do here….there is a whole other world right through one door!! Yes…The Tonner Company Store!! Now I know what some of you are thinking……”it’s … Continued

Shirley Temple Still Going Strong | My Life as a Doll Doctor

        I have probably restored more Shirley Temple Dolls in my career than any other type of celebrity doll ever. Although today, there are many iconic figures out there turned into dolls…it is really Shirley Temple that started it all. The first Shirley’s were produced from 1934 to 1939 by the Ideal Toy Company (designed by … Continued

What Really Matters – My Life as a Doll Doctor

      Anyone who knows me will tell you how I will go above and beyond to fix a child’s doll…even when that job seems impossible. Many children are quite attached to their dolls and really have a difficult time when they are separated. When I know a child needs their doll back home quickly…I  push … Continued

Why I Love my Job – My Life as a Doll Doctor

        Today has been one of those great days in the Doll Hospital…you know the kind–everything goes well, work gets finished, and the dolls look fabulous. Now throw in some non-stop laughter–and that is my day. To me….any day full of humor is a good day and today was one I felt … Continued

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