Visit the Tonner Company Store – My Life as a Doll Doctor

        Ready for a little something different this week?? Well I sure hope so. Although I am usually elbow deep in the Doll Hospital aspect of what we do here….there is a whole other world right through one door!! Yes…The Tonner Company Store!! Now I know what some of you are thinking……”it’s … Continued

The Ninja Assassin Elektra! – Fan Review by Daniel Munding

Guest Post One of the newest editions to the Marvel Universe line from Tonner is Elektra. Elektra’s full name is Elektra Natchios. She is a female ninja assassin of Greek descent. Elektra was created by Frank Miller in 1981 and has made an appearance in the 2003 film Daredevil and having her own 2005 self … Continued

Tonner Press: Tonner Doll to Release Marilyn Monroe Collection Based on Fox Films!

More Tonner News coming at you….  The latest Tonner Press Release Announcing the Impending Marilyn Collection!  We’ve included some teaser images here, but you just WAIT until you see the full collection!  Enjoy!  Tonner Doll Company to Release Special 16” Doll Collection Based on Twentieth Century Fox’s Marilyn Monroe Films Kingston, NY – Tonner Doll Company, … Continued

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