Zombie Boy

        NOW AVAILABLE AT  http://www.tonnerdoll.com/zombie-boy – SOLD OUT AS OF 7-27 Comic Con San Diego 2012 was last week.  And as expected, it was a sold out weekend!  In case you missed it, we had a special doll at Comic Con this year and a special guest to go with it – … Continued

Why I Love my Job – My Life as a Doll Doctor

        Today has been one of those great days in the Doll Hospital…you know the kind–everything goes well, work gets finished, and the dolls look fabulous. Now throw in some non-stop laughter–and that is my day. To me….any day full of humor is a good day and today was one I felt … Continued

Peggy Harcourt is our 2,700th Doll Duels Upload

2,700 Doll Duels Uploads! Beauette yesterday uploaded our 2,700th Doll Duels photo and it feels like something of a milestone. This Peggy Harcourt – Peggy is part of our DeeAnna Denton line – has something so classic about her in a vintage dress, and it is great to have her be a part of our … Continued

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