What Really Matters – My Life as a Doll Doctor

      Anyone who knows me will tell you how I will go above and beyond to fix a child’s doll…even when that job seems impossible. Many children are quite attached to their dolls and really have a difficult time when they are separated. When I know a child needs their doll back home quickly…I  push … Continued

The Best Doll Blogs – A List You can Vote On

There are more great doll bloggers out there than you might think, so we thought it would be nice to begin an interactive list that others can vote on and add to because bloggers around the world are sharing their passion for collecting and always are looking for interested readers. If you are on Twitter … Continued


        I am sharing this coupon that was given out at SDCC – just for all of you that read my blog! ENJOY!!!                 JUST A NOTE – THIS COUPON CODE EXCLUDES THE SDCC SPECIAL ZOMBIE BOY I wasn’t able to get to San Diego … Continued

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