N°7 : Amanda Evert Tonner doll – by Laragwen en français

Guest Post N°7 : Amanda Evert Tonner doll – by Laragwen See other parts : I- Lara Croft Legend doll II- Lara Croft Full Throttle doll III- Lara Croft, Classic Beauty doll IV- Lara Croft, Forging Excalibur doll V- Accessories for Lara Croft doll VI- Lara Croft, Quest to Avalon doll   March, 2010 Finaly, the … Continued


    (Disclaimer:  these are my personal thoughts – and do not represent the views of management or the thought behind the designs of Robert Tonner – who just so happens to be my boss  🙂 ) Just what does precarious mean?  According to one dictionary the definition of the word is “exposed to or … Continued

Compo Dolls – keep them wrinkle free! – Dr. Noreen

        Hi Friends, My surgery went well and I am back in the doll O.R.  ready to give up a few secrets about composition dolls. You know those…they show fine lines and wrinkles like a 90-year-old in the desert without sunscreen. These were the common dolls of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that show … Continued

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