2013 Tonner Doll Fall Holiday Preview Release

Hey Doll Lovers – lots of exciting stuff today in our 2013 Tonner Doll Fall Holiday Preview Release!  We proudly introduce to you a tasty slice of what’s coming in the Fall Holiday Line Release, debuting in Mid September (dates TBA – keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!).

The big news here is that Tiny Kitty makes her long awaited return to our virtual shelves!  *applause*

Pink Champagne Supper - Tonner Doll Tiny Kitty Collection

Pink Champagne Supper – Tonner Doll Tiny Kitty Collection


There is even a basic:

Basic Necessities Kitty - Tonner Doll's Tiny Kitty Collection

Basic Necessities Kitty – Tonner Doll’s Tiny Kitty Collection


Plus there’s loads of new Patsy adorableness, a beautiful new Cami, some dramatic ballet dancers and the incredible Willy Wonka!  AND a reappearance from Agnes Dreary.

Tonner Doll's 2013 Fall Holiday Preview

Tonner Doll’s 2013 Fall Holiday Preview

Click HERE to see it all, Doll Lovers!

Feast your eyes and take a gander of the brand new doll treasures – some are available to ship RIGHT NOW!  As an extra special treat, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on any of the in-stock new items.  7 days only!  Use promo code NUDOLLS1 at checkout to save.  International friends, email your order number to tonnerdirect@tonnerdoll.com for a $9.95 shipping credit. Free shipping is ground only, and domestic.  Offer expires 9.4.

Stay tuned for the official date announcement for the full 2013 Fall Holiday Release, coming in mid September…Hey!  That’s only a few short weeks away :D

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"Believe in the Power of Play!' - Tonner dolls and character figures are the inspiration of designer Robert Tonner: fashion, fantasy, cinema, old Hollywood.

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Published on August 28, 2013 with 3 Comments

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  1. I was kind of depressed by the ‘Deja Vu’ thing, but this is more like it! Finally, the return of dolls I like! Yay, Tiny Betsy! Yay, Agnes Dreary – okay, not so much in herself, although I plan to get at least one, but more as a sign that Tonner Dolls hasn’t given up on the 12″ child body. Maybe there are still Harry Potter characters to come. Maybe Marley will return? Or, friends for Marley?
    Willy Wonka’s a little pale’n'pasty, but quite good looking, otherwise.
    As for Patsy, I love the clothes, but those huge eyes really bother me. I should have got an Anne Estelle while I had the chance.

    I’m now eagerly awaiting the whole Fall line.

  2. When does the full Fall /Holiday Collection make its introduction online? I would love to “reserve mine now” for at least the 1929 rooted brunette and the late 18th Anne basic Deja Vu dolls as soon as I can, if not more!!

    Thank you!

  3. Will Tonner Doll Company be selling the new 12 inch articulated doll body sans head? I love my original Agnes Dreary but would love to frankendolly her onto the new articulated hands body.

    Thank you.

    Sarah Brooks
    Flushing, MI

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