2014 Tonner Convention - Competition Categories & Rules

Tonner May 2014 Collectors Convention
“It’s About Time”
Competition Categories

Competition Chairperson: Meg Hunt (meghunt@verizon.net); contact Meg for questions or clarifications on the categories listed below.

Note: (1) There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter or the number of times you may enter a particular category – except each doll entered in  a category must be a separate entry unless the category specifically specifies that the entry may include more than one doll. (2) Judging will be based on interpretation of the category theme, creativity and workmanship, unless otherwise specified. (3) Props:  Props should be used sparingly (except in categories identified for vignettes). In incorporating props, please do so in a way that assures easy and speedy setup.


#1 – It’s about Time I “Growed” Up?:  (single doll category).

The impatience of childhood: we are so eager to grow-up and have constantly evolving ideas about what we want to be or do when we grow up. Whether or not you remember one of your childhood ambitions, pick a favorite Tonner, Wilde Imagination or Effanbee child or teen doll to represent yourself as a child or teen and costume him or her to fulfill your childhood ambition for adulthood – or at least one of your childhood ambitions.  Please include a 3x5 card identifying your child/teen doll’s ambition, unless obvious from the costume.


#2 – Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!:  (single doll category).

Does this category need any explanation? Dress your favorite Tonner child or teen doll for a morning, afternoon or evening of fun. Include appropriate props (but sparingly) to help convey the activity. You may incorporate into your outfit, some articles of clothing that were not made by you.


#3A Portrait Gallery: (single doll category).

Help us create our own “gallery of art” in the competition room. In every generation, artists have captured human form, fashion, and emotion in oil, watercolor, or charcoal. The representations have been realistic, impressionistic, or abstract. Bring to life a female figure in one of your favorite historic or contemporary paintings by costuming a Tonner female fashion/character doll as that figure.  Please provide a miniature reproduction of the painting on a 3 x 5 card – identifying the artist and name of the painting, if there is one – so we know your inspiration.


#4 – Quantum Leap: (One or more dolls allowed)

Here is a mind bender for you.  The place is of your choosing (space, another planet, earth – on terra firma or under the sea) but the time is not.  It is the 31st century, and Tonner dolls still exist, setting fashion trends or reflecting the fashion trends of the period.  Costume one or more of your favorite male or female fashion dolls as if in the 31st century.  Let your imagination be your guide.

#5 – Ellowyne Category – My Favorite Time of the Year: (single doll category). Whether your favorite time of year is a season or a holiday, pick your favorite female doll from the Ellowyne Wilde collection and dress her to showcase your favorite time of the year.

#6 – Déjà Vu Category – “Out of Time”:  (Single doll category) 

Penelope Brewster has had so many past lives (most of which we have yet to explore) that her sense of fashion and self-presentation is bound to be  – from time to time – permeated with the flare, frills, and fashion details of those past lives.  Pick your favorite Déjà Vu doll (Penelope, Anne, or Emma Jean), identify your favorite historical fashion period, and create for her a contemporary fashion look into which design or presentation elements from that period blend to create a novel or interesting contemporary look. On a 3x5 card, identify the fashion period that inspired you.


#7 – Shadow People: (Single doll category). 

Some science fiction or time travel fiction writers posit the existence of “shadow people” or immortals, who co-exist with us, move through time, and otherwise monitor the conduct of mortal men and women. They sometimes can be seen by a few, but to the majority remain hidden. Pick your favorite Tonner male or female fashion/character doll and costume him/her as you imagine such a “shadow person” might look and dress.

Open Doll Category

#8 – Midnight in Paris or Time Tourists:  (single doll category).

According to the tale, before the last stroke of midnight is sounded should you accept the invitation to enter the “out of time” vehicle before you, the past and present will merge and you will be transported to another dimension.  You have been presented with just such an opportunity, allowing you to dine, dance, imbibe or work with someone in another place and time.  Costume your favorite Tonner male or female doll to represent a person you might be meet as a time tourist after the last stroke of midnight has sounded. On a 3x5 card, identify the person and the time/date of the encounter.


#9 – If Only I Could Repeat the Moment: (One or more dolls may be used).

We all have experiences in childhood, our teenage years or adulthood that live long in our memories as particularly wonderful moments. If only we could relive them. Please do so now by recreating that moment through the use of any Tonner, Wilde Imagination, or Effanbee dolls dressed to convey the moment. Essential props allowed and you may incorporate some manufactured pieces of clothing in with other clothing made by you. You may include a 3x5 card to briefly identify the moment.



Vignette Category:

#10 – Real Life to Still Life to Doll Life: (No dolls or one or more dolls allowed).

A photographer memorializes for all time real street scenes, family settings, big events and small events.  In this new vignette category, we ask you to reverse the process and recreate using dolls, props and other items you find necessary a photograph of your choice. It may be a vintage photograph or a contemporary one, but your creativity should extend to not only costuming the dolls to capture the real person or people in the photograph but the setting in which they are located.  You may be literal in your interpretation or you may use some illusion to evoke the setting. You may use selectively articles of clothing and setting details that have not been made by you. You will be judged in how effectively you have brought to life the scene in the photograph.

General Category:

#11 - Crafts: Are you skilled in crafts, including quilting, embroidery, millinery, shoe-making, furniture making, set or interior design, and any other homespun art or artistic product? Please submit your craft themed to “It’s About Time.” Item must have been made by the entrant and will be judged on creativity, design, and quality of workmanship. Please note that this category is not for dolls or doll outfits; which are better suited for the design categories; judges may choose to move doll and doll outfits from this category to any of the other competition categories that may be more appropriate. 

#12 - Photography:  Here is a chance to share your skills in photography, as well as setting up vignettes or tableaus.  Submit a photograph that includes one or more Tonner dolls in the image and illustrates the power of the Tonner motto “Believe in the Power of Play” and the theme “It’s About Time.” The photograph should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches, and it should be suitably framed to stand on its own.


May 2014 Tonner “It’s About Time” Convention Competition Rules


Following are the rules of entry for the Tonner Convention Competitive Exhibit.  Please read these carefully. 


Please complete the provided competition Exhibit Entry Form in duplicate to be submitted with your dolls/entry when you bring them to the competition room for registration and display. We will be informally photographing the dolls for a slide presentation during drop off. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!  Questions?  Contact:  Meg Hunt at meghunt@verizon.net.




  1. All entries must be registered and removed from the exhibit room in accordance with the convention schedule.  Two advance registration forms are included in the convention packet for you to complete and bring with you to the exhibit room.  We will keep one copy when you submit your entry; the second you will retain and present when you come to pick up your entry when the competition room closes.


  1. Unless otherwise specified by an individual category, entry costuming should be completely original in that the costume/outfit cannot have been previously shown, sold or competed. Interpretation of this restriction is solely at the judges’ discretion. (Manufactured shoes and jewelry may be used in any category).


  1. Read the category description carefully for the choice of dolls that can be used in each category. Please pay attention as to whether an entry must be comprised of a single doll or as a pair of dolls. If you submit a pair in a category allowing only a single doll per entry, your pair will have to be split into two separate entries to qualify.


  1. There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter, or the number of entries you may submit per category.  Each entry will be judged separately.


  1. All dolls must be positioned securely on a suitable doll stand. 


  1. Judging will be conducted in accordance with the criteria described in the category descriptions. Dolls entered in the wrong category will not be judged – but when you submit your entry we will work with you to place your entry in the best category if your entry doesn’t fit the original category selected.  Categories with one doll or less may be combined with other categories, if appropriate.

Note:  Judges are not compelled to award either first, second or third place ribbons in a category with three or fewer entries.


  1. At the time entries are submitted, a hang tag to facilitate anonymous judging and post-judging identification of each doll during display will be provided for each entry.  Ribbons will be awarded and placed on the dolls after judging and before the competition room is opened for viewing, except for the People’s Choice Award.