2015 Tonner Convention - Competition Categories & Rules

Tonner May 2015 Collectors Convention
“Guilty Pleasures”
Competition Categories

Competition Chairperson: Meg Hunt (meghunt@verizon.net); contact Meg for questions or clarifications on the categories listed below.

Note: (1) There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter or the number of times you may enter a particular category – except each doll entered in  a category must be a separate entry unless the category specifically specifies that the entry may include more than one doll. (2) Judging will be based on interpretation of the category theme, creativity and workmanship, unless otherwise specified. (3) Props:  Props should be used sparingly (except in categories identified for vignettes). In incorporating props, please do so in a way that assures easy and speedy setup.


#1 – The Sweet Shoppe:  (one doll per entry).

In this category, we are building a Sweet Shoppe filled with the favorite treats of childhood (or our guilty pleasures of today).  Help us in this endeavor by bringing your favorite child or teen doll costumed to represent a favorite candy, candy bar, ice-cream flavor, cupcake, or even bubble gum or candy corn: whatever for you is a secret treat.  Important here will be your use of colors and design to create a mouthwatering illusion – or an allusion to – your favorite sweet.


#2 – The Toy Maker:  (one doll per entry).

In this case, you are the toy maker and your favorite child or teen doll is a building block from – or around which – you can build your toy.  Whether a game; a puzzle; or the likeness of a person, animal or material thing, you may costume that favorite doll and include with it appropriate accessories or set design to complete your old-fashioned, new-fashioned or future-fashioned toy. You may use elements to create your toy that have not been crafted or sewn by you so long as you have modified or embellished them to achieve your goal.

                      FASHION/CHARACTER DOLL CATEGORIES                     

#3Oh Texas!: (one or two dolls per entry).

Giant: the movie was right. Texas leaves a large footprint in American history, geography, and politics – and our cultural landscape. Texas is a guilty pleasure all on its own. Celebrate Texas by costuming one or two of your favorite 16-inch Tonner dolls to represent some aspect of this spectacular state. You may look to any aspect of Texas history, culture, or contemporary life for your inspiration.


#4 – Fun and Games: (One doll per entry)

How you interpret “fun” and/or “games” in this category IS the guilty pleasure.  We place no limit on your imagination or your creativity – and make no presumptions. Let yourself go.

#5 – Ellowyne Category – Whipped Cream: (each entry must be a single doll)

Okay, we all know Ellowyne’s guilty pleasure is whipped cream, which means the color is white (unless you’ve flavored the whipped cream with vanilla or some other extract). Pick your favorite Ellowyne and design an outfit to pay homage to her whipped cream fetish.  Since you have minimal leeway with respect to color, we encourage you to explore different textures and embellishments to dazzle the eye.


#6 – Deja Vu Category – “Ribbons”:  (Single doll category) 

Have you ever walked down the ribbon aisle in a fabric store, in gift wrap, or at different seasons and marveled at the gorgeous ribbons on display?  Ribbons are definitely a guilty pleasure because rarely can you ever hope to use more than just a small portion of what is available. Here is your chance to go ribbon wild.  Design for your favorite Déjà Vu doll (Emma Jean, Anne, Judy, Lady Arabella or Penelope) an outfit.  Seventy-five percent of the visible outfit must be constructed with ribbon. You may use other fabric for the foundation (so long as no more than 25% is visible) and you may complement your use of ribbons with other embellishments.  The period of the costume must be appropriate for the doll you have chosen.

Open Doll Category

#7 – And the People’s Choice Goes to . . .:  (One or two dolls allowed per entry).

Award the People’s Choice to the television show, movie, animated movie or cartoon that is your guilty pleasure. Gilligan’s Island anyone? You may costume one or two of your favorite Tonner or Wilde Imagination dolls to represent your guilty pleasure.  Please identify the show, movie, or cartoon that was the source of your inspiration on a 3X5 card. Also, include the year or years the movie or television show was released.


#8 – Night Spot: (Only one doll per entry).

Let’s go clubbing.  It is Saturday night and all of the hotspots around Dallas are open for our entertainment, for socializing, and to indulge every interest.  Dress one of your favorite Tonner or Wilde Imagination dolls to enjoy a late night on the town.  Let the attire give us an idea of what kind of nightspot they are going to but please include a name for the nightspot and a theme, if any, on a 3 x 5 card.  But, we hope we don’t need the card.  


#9 – The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure: Doll Collecting: (one doll per entry)

For many of us, our ultimate guilty pleasure that we openly confess to varying degrees is doll collecting, a habit Robert Tonner has so marvelously nourished for over 20 years.  Our collector patterns vary and we celebrate that with this category.  For your entry, please dress a doll of the type that first enticed you to open your wallet to a Tonner doll:  be it Betsy McCall, an Ann Estelle, a 19-inch American model, a Kitty Collier, a Tyler or Sydney, a superhero, a reimagined or some other doll.  We all have styles of dress that appeal to us: gowns, bridal gowns, period dress, daywear, cocktail wear, sporty casual – or fantasy, reimagination and Hollywood recreations.  In which case, please dress your doll in the style that most often appeals to you (or if your tastes change, appeals to you today).  We encourage you to design and create your own fashion, but in this case you may include or incorporate elements that have been manufactured with one caveat:  if you go the mix and match route, you must do the mixing and matching and not simply use a fashion ensemble already designed to go together.


Vignette Category:

#10 – The Pages Come Alive: (One or more dolls allowed).

Here, the book (fiction or non-fiction), script, short story, poem, graphic novel, or comic book is your guilty pleasure and the vignette you create should represent a scene memorable to you.  Your creativity should extend to not only costuming the dolls to capture the character or characters on the page but their setting.  You may be literal in your interpretation or you may use some illusion to evoke the setting. You may use, selectively, articles of clothing and setting details that have not been made by you. You will be judged on how effectively you have brought to life the pages of your guilty pleasure.  Think carefully and describe the source and scene you are depicting on a 5 x 7 card – TYPED or Block Printed. Be brief for easy reading.

General Category:

#11 - Crafts:

Are you skilled in crafts, including quilting, embroidery, millinery, shoe-making, furniture making, set or interior design, and any other homespun art or artistic product? Please submit your craft themed to “Guilty Pleasures.” Item must have been made by the entrant and will be judged on creativity, design, and quality of workmanship. Please note that this category is not for dolls or doll outfits; which are better suited for the design categories; judges may choose to move doll and doll outfits from this category to any of the other competition categories that may be more appropriate. 


#12 - Photography:

Here is a chance to share your skills in photography, as well as setting up vignettes or tableaus.  Submit a photograph that includes one or more Tonner dolls in the image and illustrates the power of the Tonner motto “Believe in the Power of Play” and the theme “Guilty Pleasures.” The photograph should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches, and it should be suitably framed to stand on its own.

May 2015 Tonner Collectors Convention Competition Rules


Following are the rules of entry for the Tonner “Guilty Pleasures” Convention Competitive Exhibit.  Please read these carefully. 


Please complete the provided competition Exhibit Entry Form in duplicate to be submitted with your dolls/entry when you bring them to the competition room for registration and display. We will be informally photographing the dolls for a slide presentation during drop off. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!  Questions?  Contact:  Meg Hunt at meghunt@verizon.net.




  1. All entries must be registered and removed from the exhibit room in accordance with the convention schedule.  Two advance registration forms are included in the convention packet for you to complete and bring with you to the exhibit room.  We will keep one copy when you submit your entry; the second you will retain and present when you come to pick up your entry when the competition room closes.


  1. Unless otherwise specified by an individual category, entry costuming should be completely original in that the costume/outfit cannot have been previously shown, sold or competed. Interpretation of this restriction is solely at the judges’ discretion. (manufactured shoes and jewelry may be used in any category).


  1. Read the category description carefully for the choice of dolls that can be used in each category. Please pay attention as to whether an entry must be comprised of a single doll or as a pair of dolls. If you submit a pair in a category allowing only a single doll per entry, your pair will have to be split into two separate entries to qualify.


  1. There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter, or the number of entries you may submit per category.  Each entry will be judged separately.


  1. All dolls must be positioned securely on a suitable doll stand. 


  1. Judging will be conducted in accordance with the criteria described in the category descriptions. Dolls entered in the wrong category will not be judged – but when you submit your entry we will work with you to place your entry in the best category if your entry doesn’t fit the original category selected.  Categories with one doll or less may be combined with other categories, if appropriate.

Note:  Judges are not compelled to award either first, second or third place ribbons in a category with three or fewer entries.


  1. At the time entries are submitted, a hang tag to facilitate anonymous judging and post-judging identification of each doll during display will be provided for each entry.  Ribbons will be awarded and placed on the dolls after judging and before the competition room is opened for viewing, except for the People’s Choice Award.