2012 Tonner Convention - Seminars & Workshops




Here is a list of workshops and a seminar that will be available during convention.

Please go into your registration account to sign up for these events or you may call the office at 845-339-9537 x107.


Beaded and Twisted Wire Jewelry – Saturday, May 19th  10am – 11:30am

Presented by Marcia Friend of Facets

Marcia Friend has been creating doll jewelry designs since 1998. Her jewelry has been featured in many magazines as well as in the "Tyler Boutique Essentials" line.

Using wire and beads, students will be taught to make delicate jewelry pieces to adorn any doll. Basic jewelry techniques are shown and no previous jewelry experience is needed. Students should bring a doll for fitting purposes.

Limited to 30 people

Cost is $5


Footwear, fashion, and fun - Friday, May 18th  9am – 10:45am

Presented by Jay Barrett

8 years ago, Jay started as a footwear student, and 4 years ago, he got the chance to work as a technician in the very same department in which he was a student. Working on the machinery for footwear and being a teachers aid, he was able to help footwear students design their perfect shoes for a variety of fashion shows, and final projects, as well has making designs to make sure that all fashions had fab shoes for the show. Last year, he taught first year students in footwear, and this year, with final stage students in fashion forecasting, he hopes that he can help attendees make the kind of shoe they have always dreamed of. He’s chosen slingbacks as they will suit a variety eras, from vintage to avant garde, so bring your creativity and ideas, and we can help your shoe dreams to take flight.

For the fabulous footwear workshop, attendees will be exploring the ever fashionable Slingback. You can choose from 3 different size shoes for your favorite Tonner doll. Tyler, Superhero and Ellowyne. Some of these will fit a variety of other Tonner dolls as well.

$15 will give you 2 sets of new high heel bases for your chosen size, matching lasts, as well as materials, patterns and full instructions. Due to the level of instruction needed, the workshop will be limited to 15 attendees.


Hair workshop – Friday, May 18th  3pm – 4:30pm

Presented by Melanie Kiefer – Tonner Staff Member

Melanie has been a licensed hairdresser since 1998. She has worked at Tonner Doll Company in the design department since 2004.

In this workshop, you will learn how to do a basic ponytail, how to braid 3-strand and 2- strand, and shape it into a beautiful updo.

Items Provided: 2 Tyler Wentworth rooted heads; a styling stand; pliers; rubber bands; pins; combs; gel; hairspray; clamp

Limited to 30 people

Cost is $25


Free Seminar – Saturday, May 19th  3pm – 4:30pm

Presented by Robert Tonner

Spend an afternoon with Robert Tonner!

Join us for an intimate seminar given by the artist himself! Robert will fascinate you with the inside Tonner scoop, amaze you with exciting doll details, and delight you with his genius and wit! You’ll be taken on a journey of learning and discovery, with Robert as your Captain, so pack light! As always, there will be a Q&A session where you can ask Robert the hard-hitting questions, and of course, Robert will be giving a very special presentation, too! It goes without saying this is an event you won’t want to miss, so sign up now to spend an afternoon with Robert Tonner!

This is a free event but tickets are needed as space is limited so please register for the seminar.