2012 Tonner Convention - Competition Categories


Following are the rules of entry for the Tonner “FLIGHTS OF FANCY” Convention Competitive
Exhibit. Please read these carefully.

Please complete the provided competition Exhibit Entry Form in duplicate to be submitted with
your dolls when you bring them to the competition room for registration and display. We will be
informally photographing the dolls for a slide presentation during drop off. We look forward to
seeing you and your lovely dolls at the convention.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

Questions? Contact: Meg Hunt at meghunt@verizon.net.

1. All entries must be registered and removed from the exhibit room in accordance with the
convention schedule. Two advance registration forms are included in the convention
packet for you to complete and bring with you to the exhibit room. We will keep one
copy when you submit your entry; the second you will retain and present when you come
to pick up your entry when the competition room closes.

2. Unless otherwise specified by an individual category, entry costuming should be
completely original in that the costume/outfit cannot have been previously shown,
sold or competed. Interpretation of this restriction is solely at the judges’ discretion.
(manufactured shoes and jewelry may be used in any category).

3. Read the category description carefully for the choice of dolls that can be used in each

4. There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter, or the number of
entries you may submit per category. Each entry will be judged separately.

5. All dolls must be positioned securely on a suitable doll stand.

6. Judging will be conducted in accordance with the criteria described in the category
descriptions. Dolls entered in the wrong category will not be judged – but when you
submit your entry we will work with you to place your entry in the best category if your
entry doesn’t fit the original category selected. Categories with one doll or less may be
combined with other categories, if appropriate.
Note: Judges are not compelled to award either first, second or third place ribbons in a
category with three or fewer entries.

7. At the time entries are submitted, a hang tag to facilitate anonymous judging and postjudging
identification of each doll during display will be provided for each entry.
Ribbons will be awarded and placed on the dolls after judging and before the competition
room is opened for viewing, except for the People’s Choice Award.



Competition Chairperson: Meg Hunt (meghunt@verizon.net); contact Meg for questions or
clarifications on the categories listed below.

Note: There is no limit on the number of categories you may enter or the number of times you
may enter a particular category – except each doll must be a separate entry unless the category
provides for pairs. Judging will be based on interpretation of the category theme, creativity and
workmanship, unless otherwise specified.



#1 – Destination Subzero: (Allows for Mix & Match) The U.S.S. Discovery will embark for
the next frontier in the future, where subzero temperatures will be the norm. Whether your crew
will face those subzero temperatures at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the frozen wastelands
above or below ground in the Arctic or Antarctica, on some forbidden planet or other place of
your imaginings, they will need to be dressed for functionality, pleasure, and protection against
the bitter cold. You may use any Tonner child or teen doll or any Effanbee child or teen doll
produced since Tonner acquired the label. You may use unconventional or conventional fabrics
re-imagined for Destination Subzero and the costume should suggest the destination. Please
include a 3 x 5 card that identifies your Destination Subzero.

#2 – Zooland: Your favorite child doll has been invited for an afternoon at the zoo, where all
is not as it seems. As the afternoon party progresses, each child transforms into a hybrid creature
confined in Zooland habitat, with the creatures of the zoo at liberty in the park. You may use any
Tonner child doll or any Effanbee child doll produced since Tonner acquired the label to be
costumed as one of your favorite creatures now free to roam in Zooland or as a hybrid now
confined for display.



#3 – Fantasia: Your fantasy rules this category – whatever it may be (real or imagined).
Perhaps it is a fantasy purely reflected in costume design; or maybe it is your doll re-imagined
into another place and time; or as an alter ego – the mighta, coulda, woulda, shoulda-beens; or
the Dorian Gray dark side. You are to pick your favorite Tonner fashion or character doll and
costume her to reflect the fantasy.

#4 – The Golden Age of Flight: This category is all about the romance of the golden
age of flight from when men and women first glimpsed their daily world from above the tree
tops – to the battlefields of Europe and the Far East when pilots became heroes – to when the far
corners of the earth became accessible and exploited by the “jet set.” Pick your favorite Tonner
male or female fashion or character doll and costume them to represent one of your favorite
images from the Golden Age of Flight. Your choice may represent an historic character or one
that is purely imagined – but the objective is to celebrate flight.

#5 – Ellowyne – “Flights of Fancy”: The Kansas City Kite Club is coming to San
Francisco to dazzle with its mega-kite displays on a late spring-early summer afternoon.
Ellowyne and her friends decide to join the event – and, lacking kites of their own, decide to use
kite designs and bold colors as the inspiration for their casual wear to the event.
http://mccflightsoffancy.org/index.html Costume any Ellowyne or anyone of her friends for a
spring afternoon of fun. Bold use of color will be important to the judges in this category.

#6 – World Tour: (Mix and Match allowed) Your favorite Tonner character or fashion doll
has embarked on a world tour that will take her or him to every continent and the four corners of
the globe. He or she will spend time in the most elegant cities and the most remote regions. He
or she will experience local culture (involves donning native dress or working in local industry)
and the most cosmopolitan of venues where the famous of the famous mingle. Costume your
doll for an excursion on the world tour. You may pick the season, the locale and the activity.
Open Doll Category

#7 – Airplane 2012: (Allows for mix and match) You are the director of the next great
slapstick comedy film “Airplane 2012.” The jet aircraft departs Las Vegas, destination Rio De
Janeiro with a flight crew that just spent the evening at the Bellagio and a passenger list not
likely to notice. Pick any Tonner, Effanbee, or Wilde doll and dress them for the flight as a
passenger or a member of the flight crew. The costume should tell the story of your character –
staid and sober, a crazy misfit, a gangster, a movie star, a bum or a nun – anyone you can
imagine can be aboard this most unusual of flights. You may create the style from scratch
yourself or mix and match manufactured items to create the look.

#8 – The Aviary: Birds of a feather do a flock together in the aviary where they are all about
showcasing their feathered finery. Parakeets, cardinals, parrots, canaries or peacocks, you are to
draw inspiration from your bird of choice to costume your doll, male or female. The colors you
use must capture the bird and let your imagination design the costume. You may use any doll
produced by Tonner, Wilde Imagination, or Effanbee since Tonner acquired the label. Please
include with your entry a 3 x 5 card with a picture of your bird and its name.


General Category:

#9 - Crafts/Embroidery: Are you skilled in crafts, including quilting, embroidery,
millinery, shoe-making, furniture making, set or interior design, and any other homespun art or
artistic product? Please submit your craft themed to “Flights of Fancy.” Item must have been
made by the entrant and will be judged on creativity, design, and quality of workmanship. Please
note that typically, this category is not for dolls or doll outfits; which are better suited toward the
design categories; judges may choose to move doll and doll outfits from this category to any of
the other competition categories that may be more appropriate.

#10 - Photography: Here is a chance to share your skills in photography, as well as setting
up vignettes or tableaus. Submit a photograph that includes one or more Tonner dolls in the
image and illustrates the power of the Tonner motto “Believe in the Power of Play” and the
theme “Flights of Fancy.” The photograph should be no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches, and it
should be suitably framed to stand on its own.